Itinerant Trade Licence

To avoid misunderstandings: According to the German Code of Trade and Commerce [Gewerbeordnung, GewO], the so-called itinerant trade does not mean running a travel agency, but rather street trading, e.g. street vendors or stand owners at private markets. Running an itinerant business requires a licence, the so-called itinerant trade licence.

Itinerant Trade Licence Who needs an itinerant trade licence?

An itinerant trade is considered to be practised if someone performs commercial activities outside of their business establishment without a prior order or without having a business establishment.

According to Section 55 of the German Code of Trade and Commerce, this includes:

  • purchasing and distributing goods or other commercial services
  • offering services
  • seeking orders with payment on delivery of the goods/service
  • performing entertainment activities as an independent showperson or like a showperson

Itinerant Trade Licence Where can I get an itinerant trade licence?

Running an itinerant business requires a permit in the form of an itinerant trade licence. This may be requested from the regulatory office of the district of the applicant’s permanent or habitual place of residence.

An itinerant trade licence will normally be valid in all of the Federal Republic of Germany and must be available when practising an itinerant trade and shown on request.

Itinerant Trade Licence Documents

  • Application form for the issuance of an itinerant trade licence (the goods to be offered should be listed in the application)
  • ID or passport
  • Certificate of conduct (to be requested from the local authority of the district of the applicant’s permanent or habitual place of residence)
  • Information from the German Central Register of Companies (to be requested from the local authority of the district of the applicant’s permanent or habitual place of residence)
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office (to be requested from the applicant’s competent tax office)
  • Passport photo
  • If necessary, certificate from the health authority in accordance with the German Infection Protection Act [Infektionsschutzgesetz, IfSG] (only when selling unpackaged food)
  • If necessary, an excerpt from the commercial or association register

Itinerant Trade Licence Fees

An administrative fee will be charged for the issuance of the itinerant trade licence whose amount will be determined by the applicant’s competent regulatory office.

Itinerant Trade Licence Important Information about the Itinerant Trade Licence

An itinerant trade licence may only be issued to you once you have signed it. It may therefore not be sent by mail or electronically and must be collected by you in person from the trade licensing office. This procedure can therefore not be carried out completely by electronic means.

Use of public streets, paths or places for an itinerant trade requires a special usage permit which must be requested from the city administrative authorities.


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