The Point of Single Contact for North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

The Point of Single Contact (referred to as "EA" hereafter) is an online service catering to both service providers and specialists operating within North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and abroad. This platform aids them in navigating all the requisite procedures and formalities necessary within North Rhine-Westphalia for the commencement of a service activity or the recognition of foreign professional qualifications. For inquiries regarding the content, please direct your questions to the EA NRW office.

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E-Mail: info@nrw-ea.de

Telephone: +49 5231 7134 50
Telephone service times: Mo. bis Fr. 8:00 - 10:00 Uhr

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About us

The primary objective of the EA is to facilitate the provision of cross-border services and minimize bureaucratic impediments, as articulated in the European Union Services Directive. It offers comprehensive support throughout the various procedures and formalities essential for initiating a service activity or obtaining recognition for foreign professional qualifications. Numerous application submissions for business startups are conveniently accessible through the NRW Business Service Portal (WSP.NRW). Additionally, our website hosts a wealth of information guiding you through the recognition process for your foreign professional qualifications.

It is imperative to note that EA services are rendered free of charge, though competent authorities may impose fees for processing your applications.

Single Point of Contact
Single Point of Contact

How Can the Singular Point of Contact Assist You?

As the solitary point of contact for all matters related to services, startups, and career recognition, EA provides the following services:

  • Information pertaining to the requisite procedural steps for the commencement or pursuit of your business venture.
  • Coordination and mediation of procedures between you and the competent authorities.
  • Information regarding chambers, registers, and extracts.
  • Formal assessment of application completeness.
  • Information about consulting services.

The Singular Point of Contact in Europe

Since December 2009, the establishment of a singular point of contact has become legally binding in all European Union (EU) member countries. All EAs across EU member states are integrated into the European Union Points of Single Contact (EUGO) network. Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway participate voluntarily.

An overview of the European Commission on Points of Single Contacts within the EU is available for reference.

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