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For founders, companies, individuals or even public authorities, there are many administrative services, legal bases and services that should be taken into account in connection with new start-ups or the management of companies.

In order to facilitate your access to necessary applications, due diligence, deadlines or even subsidies in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Business-Service-Portal.NRW was developed.

In the following overview, you will find important information and online applications to handle commercial concerns completely digitally - now from the comfort of your home!

More about the Single Point of Contact


Women foundersand entrepreneurs inNorth Rhine-Westphalia can send their business notifications to the regulatory authorities fully electronically and without media discontinuity via the websites of the chambers of commerce and the Wirtschafts-Service-Portal.NRW.

In the future, the Business-Service-Portal.NRW will be further developed into a comprehensive service platform for the business community, so that the business community can handle more and more administrative procedures from home.

The portal enables procedures to be handled via menu-driven input masks, whichare backed up with completion assistants tosupport applicants.Guido", a self-learning chatbot that increasingly builds up knowledge andpasses it on to the portalusers, provides additional helpin completing the forms.

To further simplify the handling of procedures, the Business-Service-Portal.NRW is linked to the Servicekonto.NRW, which can be used - only if the procedure is initiated by natural persons. When registering for the Servicekonto.NRW, personal data need not be entered again for each procedure. Instead, they are automatically transferred from the Servicekonto.NRW to the input masks. It is also possible to view the personal application history of all procedures initiated via the Servicekonto.NRW.

In addition, partnerships and corporations can register in the Economy-Service-Portal.NRW via the digital company account based on ELSTER technology. The company account serves as a user account via which companies, after registering with an ELSTER certificate, gain access to digital services of the administration. In addition, the central mailbox enables companies to receive notices and documents from all connected procedures bundled in one place.

Since July 1, 2020, the portal has been a single point of contact (SSC) in the sense of the EU Services Directive and is supported by the office of the SSC NRW in questions of content. As a single point of contact, the Economic-Service-Portal.NRW offers support in connection with service activities and in the area of professional recognition.


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