Information from the central business register

In the online portal of the Federal Office of Justice, you can use your electronic ID card or, if applicable, your electronic residence permit to request information from the Gewerbezentralregister online.

Information from the central business register

Contrary to its nomenclature, the Commercial Central Register does not encompass all individuals or entities, whether natural or legal, engaged in activities within the Federal Republic of Germany. Instead, the contents of the Commercial Central Register are derived from Section 149(2) of the Trade Code (Gewerbeordnung). There exist four distinct categories of entries:

  1. Administrative Decisions (including prohibitions, permit withdrawals, concessions, etc.).
  2. Prohibition from engaging in a trade or any other economic endeavor during withdrawal or revocation proceedings.
  3. Imposition of fines for administrative infractions arising from or related to the conduct of trade.
  4. Specific criminal convictions for offenses associated with or connected to commercial practices.

The Commercial Central Register segregates entries into two primary classifications: natural persons and legal entities. Administrative decisions, waivers, and fines encompass both natural and legal persons, whereas criminal convictions pertain solely to natural persons.

To access the online portal of the Federal Office of Justice, you have the option to submit applications online using your electronic identity card or, when necessary, your electronic residence permit.

Access the online portal here.

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