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Should you wish to establish and operate a travel business, it is imperative to obtain the requisite authorization known as the "travel trade permit." The travel trade encompasses various activities, including those undertaken by showmen, door-to-door sales representatives, and street vendors.

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Necessity of a Travel Business Permit

A travel business permit is mandatory when an individual conducts commercial activities without a fixed commercial establishment or without prior appointments. This requirement is stipulated in accordance with Section § 55(1) of the Trade Code (Gewerbeordnung - GewO), which includes but is not limited to:

  • Procurement and distribution of goods or other commercial services
  • Offering of services
  • Solicitation of orders for services (door-to-door sales)
  • Engagement in entertainment activities as an independent performer or exhibitor

Exceptions to the obligation to obtain travel permits are detailed in Section § 55a GewO. Some examples of exceptions include:

  • Participation in trade fairs, festivals, or public events authorized by the competent authority (§ 55a(1)(1) GewO)
  • Distribution of self-contained products, such as vegetable and fruit cultivation (§ 55(1)(2))
  • Residing in a municipality with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants and conducting commercial activities there (§ 55(1)(3))

Additional exceptions can be found in Section § 55a and Section § 55b of the Trade Code.

Required Documentation

Pursuant to § 57(1) GewO, applicants seeking a travel trade permit must demonstrate their reliability. Consequently, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Application form (only applicable for on-site applications)
  • Identification documents
  • Certificate of Conduct (Type O) - Application can be made at your local citizens' office or online via the Federal Office of Justice
  • Information from the Commercial Central Register (Type 9) - Application can be made at your local citizens' office or online via the Federal Office of Justice
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (for all authorized representatives) - Application can be made on-site, by telephone to your competent tax office, or online via ELSTER
  • Health Office Certificate in accordance with the Infection Protection Act (only required for the sale of unpackaged food)
  • Extract from the Commercial or Association Register (for legal entities)

Cost of the Travel Business Permit

The issuance of a travel business permit incurs an administrative fee, the specific amount of which is determined by the relevant administrative office overseeing the application. Fees may also apply to the necessary forms for the reliability check. For further details, please liaise with the appropriate authorities.

Important Considerations

  • The travel business permit must be personally collected at the trade registration office and is solely valid upon your signature.
  • If your trade activities necessitate the use of public roads, pathways, or spaces, a special use permit must be obtained from the city administration.
  • The travel business permit is generally valid throughout the entire federal territory and must be carried during the course of your trade activities, presented upon request.
  • Should you be organizing a sales event in the travel industry, such as a hiking camp, further information can be found here.

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